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Notting Hill, London

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philly 2014

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Motel, Raton, New Mexico, 1980 — Steve Fitch
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Motel, Raton, New Mexico, 1980 — Steve Fitch

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In the United States and other capitalist countries, rape laws as a rule were framed originally for the protection of men of the upper classes, whose daughters and wives might be assaulted. What happens to working-class women has usually been of little concern to the courts; as a result, remarkably few white men have been prosecuted for the sexual violence they have inflicted on these women. While the rapists have seldom been brought to justice, the rape charge has been indiscriminately aimed at Black men, the guilty and innocent alike. Thus, of the 455 men executed on the basis of rape convictions, 405 of them were Black.
Rape, Racism, and the Myth of the Black Rapist by Angela Y. Davis (via theyearofselfeducation)
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Frank Ocean - Forrest Gump

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my future ex-wife. 

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DREAM BROTHER (photos by Eddie O’KEEFE)
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Memphis, Tennessee (2006-2008)

Artist statement: In 2005, my first adventure outside of China took me to Memphis, Tennessee, where I lived for three and a half years. I went to Memphis without the least idea of what it is like. I now think that I was super lucky in choosing Memphis as my destination among a long list of unfamiliar American city names. Memphis has a unique beauty that is untouched by time. It allowed me to have a glimpse of the city from the past and fueled my imagination of an America of another time. It occurs to me later, that my vision today is deeply influenced by the landscape of Memphis. To me, this group of photos is more like a diary, both visually and emotionally.

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